…I’ve been gone from here for almost 2 years now – but I’m still here!

Below a selection of the items I made. Also, I ran a small sewing club for a while with some kids from my son’s class. I still make custom ordered clothing and I rent a shelf in a store from where I can sell stuff.



Update: chaos & creation – the result

The offset: 

In my post from April 15th, I talked about projects that turn long-term, and how they often get finished at some point, if only for the trouble and time they took you so far. A soothing thought, even if things get locked away in a closet for years [this shouldn’t turn into an attick full – I don’t evne have one – but you’ll get my drift.

Thus, the upcycled-jeans-project got completed last May, and my son had been wearing his trousers with many pockets happily – they already have some permanent stains and wear & tear on them.

Next time I will have to add a zipfly – a good chance to practice producing those. And also a larger size – children have this weird tendency to grow while your project just keeps lying there unchanged.

Another reason to get on with my next project – copying a friend’s dress. Although I don’t intend to grow myself while making it..

The result: 


               & creation…


           … in action !

Chaos & creation

chaos  &  creation 

Today, I took some time off to stroll across a large market area in the city. The atmosphere was upbeat, because it was the first Properly Warm Day of the year (adding some 10 degrees Celsius to yesterday’s temperature !). I looked into some fabric shops, which is always great. People let you sniff around in these places, usually they are too busy to notice you. Most of the fabrics I find expensive, and I have trouble choosing something – anything – in the end. The whole world seems to depend on it. As in many areas of my life, I let the grand Haphazard pick for me: I usually look for the “coupons”-basket; leftover bits and pieces of fabric, usually big enough to make a baby dress or pair of trousers from, and always cheaper. To pick a truly beautiful, wonderful piece of fabric, fully pay for it and create something worthwhile from it – to achieve all of this, I should Have A Plan. And having to make a plan freaks me out. Sewing is supposed to be my fun thing to do, not to freak out over. I love random ideas and actions. And so, I came home with two strips of pink jersey:


So far, so good. But then, it’s not enough for a skirt. And only using this the pink flower pattern is too sweet-cute-mommy-ish for me, anyway. So I’ll need to add some of the same texture and mix it. I pull out the stretch-box with thin jersey fabrics in it – (my closet actually is well-organized). I take everything out of the box and start having ideas what to do with all of the pieces of fabric. Lots more than making 1 skirt. So I end up at almost 11pm with a tabel looking like this:

Everything on the table, me writing about how it came to be :)

  Everything on the table, and me writing about how it came to be 🙂

All the nice, inspirational stretch fabrics on one heap. ..

      All the nice, inspirational stretch fabrics on one heap… 

... and as examples: a dress and 3 skirts on another heap.

… and 1 dress and 3 skirts as examples on another heap.

So, here I am now. I should be asleep already, taking good care of myself as I have been doing pretty well since I got the add-diagnosis. Yesterday, I forced myself to read my add-bible – to put it like that. I really should open a googledoc and start summarizing the main points and answering the questions from the book. But, where was I? Ah – by now, I am well on my way accepting that the skirt won’t be finished anytime soon. A good thing: tomorrow the weather will be cooler. Also, I am working on a jeans project for my 8-year-old. It should be trousers with manymanymany pockets ( his wish is my command, as I like these loose assignments; so far, he has always worn the results ), and I am making them from 3 or 4 pairs of used jeans: looks scrappy and unfit for a loose mind to oversee. But this is the stuff I actually love: randomly sewing pieces together and notice how they form a pattern, then putting them in a sort-of uniform shape and see some kind of pattern emerge, after all.

…it looks scrappy and unfit for a loose mind to oversee. But this is the stuff I actually love: randomly sewing pieces together and notice how they form a pattern, then putting them in a sort-of uniform shape and see some kind of pattern emerge, after all.

So, of course I’ll have to get back here with pics of the Finished Projects. I am pretty sure the jeans will be completed, because:

1 – my son will be asking about them;

2 – I put in too many hours already not to finish it. My time is too valuable at the moment.

I dream of being able to just put all of my fabrics everywhere, throw the guys out of the house for 3 days and being able to sew and projectize into eternity. Slight problem: after 24 hours of aloneness, I’ll start feeling depressed. Although I haven’t tried this on meds yet. I do not know yet when I’ll be able to test that, but once I have more time on my hands – which is soon – I really hope I can get myself into a structure of sewing a little bit daily. Or one full day a week. Looking forward to it. Good night for now! (Even though it is afternoon in the States at this moment)

Making wearable things

making wearable things

… after eternal fidgeting with jumping images, the conclusion should be I am better at making this stuff than at displaying it – but these items were made with creativity and while listening to documentaries. So dsomething good must come of that. My sons wear everything I have made so far gladly, but the day will come when they refuse to be test rabbits for my comfy playing clothes or quirky re-shaped former adult clothing. My dream is to custom-make clothing for children with disabilities; with zippers where they are useful (not annoying), velcrow where it is handy (not itchy) and in fabrics that children love. And also: affordable. Actually, I can’t wait for these children’s supervisors to find me – I might have to go look for them myself. Any tips are welcome!