Still here


The idea behind this blog was it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t write for ages. In that respect, 5 months isn’t that bad, is it?

All in all, a lot has happened since last summer. Apart from a bumpy summer holiday  with my family – needing personal space & peace doesn’t go together very well with two children, growing up into all directions and a partner who in some way is the same as you are.

This tiny family of four is in the middle of a process started who knows when – probably ongoing since the day we were born. We are making progress though. I guess we’re all growing up.


I’ve started my own business, in both disciplines I love. Right now, after two weeks of Christmas break, I feel a little insecure and wobbly about all that, but the past 5 months actually went pretty well – getting back into the groove coming Monday.


Some lessons learnt:

  • Be your own best friend (whimpering & barfing allowed at this point).
  • Don’t chase after people that don’t get you.
  • Don’t be distracted (haha!)
  • Even better: prevent from meeting distractions. Getting my own workshop was a big step – a room of my own; sewing and translating in my own time, after my own manner, without homely distractions.
  • Stop working in time to get groceries & pick up the kids: that remains difficult – once in my ‘zone’ I just want to keep going until… that’s it. There would be no end to it and I would soon turn into a tired wreck. Right now, it is past 1am and I should be calling it a day – will be back though. For one, this “Happiness Project” is still unfinished business I want to attend to.

Take care !




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