Update: chaos & creation – the result

The offset: 

In my post from April 15th, I talked about projects that turn long-term, and how they often get finished at some point, if only for the trouble and time they took you so far. A soothing thought, even if things get locked away in a closet for years [this shouldn’t turn into an attick full – I don’t evne have one – but you’ll get my drift.

Thus, the upcycled-jeans-project got completed last May, and my son had been wearing his trousers with many pockets happily – they already have some permanent stains and wear & tear on them.

Next time I will have to add a zipfly – a good chance to practice producing those. And also a larger size – children have this weird tendency to grow while your project just keeps lying there unchanged.

Another reason to get on with my next project – copying a friend’s dress. Although I don’t intend to grow myself while making it..

The result: 


               & creation…


           … in action !


What do you think ?

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