So Far So Good

Hello everybody,

It’s been some time – I’ve encountered myself a couple of times these past weeks and felt a bit off. Maybe I’ve been a bit too busy – you may think that being out of work, I’d be doing nothing.

Actually, despite being out of work, somehow small assignments find their way to me. Today, I translated a synopsis for a friend. I have to get busy making 3 pair of pants for 3 brothers, that were ordered by a colleague of my husband’s.

Apart from that, I have been visiting some friends, and went to a few meetings about how to find work, manageable with AD[H]D. These trainings are quite intense – 10 people with a similar set of brains, speaking about that – this couldn’t be boring.

Now I try to take more time to sit and think and write – with pen & paper: the best way to write, in my opinion. I have my ADD-book, I make marks and later on, I write these marked passages down. I might digitalise these later on, as was my intention with The Happiness Project. Unfortunately, that book is kind of starting to bore me. But I really plan to finish it.

As for the future – I see a vague shape of a good situation for me. Actually, it is similar to my situation before I plunged into a fulltime office job that didn’t suit me at all. I worked parttime at a newspaper, nothing huge, and did translations on the side.

Now I’ve been getting small translation jobs. I feel pretty ok with not being too structured or fully booked, but at the same time the lack of structure and fences for my endless thoughts is a danger.

So, I’ll have to think more about that.

Now I have to do some fabric cutting, and then sleeping.

Take care !


I came across this fellow during my son’s school trip. The noise and crowds drove me nuts, but he was over the moon about my presence & I made some nice pics. The beetle-ish animal was quite small – one of the kids pointed it out to me – children so often see beautiful details we completely miss.


What do you think ?

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