My plan with ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin

When I bought this book from a small book shop at the station, I grabbed it because it looked readable, not too complicated and positive. I hadn’t been able to finish a book for a long time – I constantly overstimulated my brain in a way that left no room for anything else, and concentrating on anything longer than 2 minutes seemed almost impossible [except, of course, unleashing my hyperfocus on random stuff on the internet].

Now that I have my tiny white friends to help me to focus on more important matters, such as: how I could design my life in a way that makes me feel fitter, happier, more productive… ? Of course, my psychologist and ‘ADD-bible’ help me with this too.

So – I started reading this book by Gretchen Rubin about a month ago. I am nowhere near finished, but that’s ok. I just keep it around together with a pen so I can scribble things into it.

I just looked up the author online for the first time. Only now did I discover the book is from 2009 already and she has written 2 successors on the same subject by now – it was a NYT bestseller after all, and the magic must be prolongued, or: money must be generated as long as possible! – Or am I being shallow?

Probably. Anyway, the plan was to apply this book’s contents for better things – not sarcasm.

In the book, Rubin seels like a completely different kind of person than I am. And as a sober Dutch person, the American character of some of the content is a bit much for me. Then again – there’s a lot of useful ideas in there and also: reading about someone testing ways to feel happier, or to grow happy-awareness, is inspiring, even if your own life is quite different.

In her book, Rubin, has listed all kinds of resolutions / themes / commandments / plans that worked for her [although some didn’t work]. I intend to quote/discuss the texts that spoke to me. Thus I hope to create an overview of life lessons & resolutions that apply to my situation – and hopefully some of you will join in and share what you think, and how you live your lives.

Stay tuned !


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