L i v e r p o o l



Liverpool, winter/spring 2003.

I wanted to study abroad like my college friends, but eventually I was so late in applying there was only one place left: a small university in Liverpool. So I went there, followed some courses and learnt life lessons aplenty – such as: you’ll never get as homesick as the 19-year-old girl whose mom sent her pics of their house every morning; you will never bring your own salad dressing like the girls training to be teachers; you will never be popular but people will tolerate your presence. Oh, and some boyfriends will cheat on you two weeks after you left. Taraaa. Looking back, I don’t regret going I  – spent lots of time by myself and practiced being my own best friend. I went to a wonderful Paul McCartney concert and strolled through the Beatles’ neighborhood for 5 months. That was really nice, and during the weekends my best friends and family came to visit. Last but not least: Liverpool is a wonderfully gloomy place. I can’t imagine it ever being warm and sunny there, but even that should be possible. To conclude with; a song by Suzanne Vega that takes me back to Liverpool.




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