Off I go

My brain keeps screaming: “Wait! Make a perfect draft first, sleep on it a month or two and then.. then we shall conquer the universe!” .. I think it is time to post something before I am off again.

I am hoping to bring together millions of aspects of my life in this blog and am looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and photos.

This blog should form a momentum of how I started living and viewing my life anew after finding out my brain works a bit differently from the [already broad] norm. Therapeutic – yes ma’am/sir.

Also I plan to change my career – that’s nothing new to me, but starting as a freelance translator will be a big step. Here, I can practice and train myself to keep up and improve the beautiful language that is called English – be it British or American. Feel free to notify me of errors!

I intend to discuss stuff I experience, learn, read in books, to share photos of things I see or make and can’t wait to shape a new universe where I’ll do better in being me.

Thanks for following – bare with me, things will get more colorful!

Me in 1983



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